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Who We Are

What is Fipe?

The Institute of Economic Research Foundation (Fipe) is a nonprofit private sector organization founded in 1973 to support the Economics Department of the School of Economics, Administration and Accounting of the University of Sao Paulo (FEA-USP) that has an important role in the areas of education, projects, research and development of economic and financial indicators in Brazil.

What does Fipe do?

Fipe studies social and economic phenomena based on theoretical and methodological economic instruments with the purpose of offering its contribution to:

  • the public debate on social and economic problems in Brazil;
  • the formulation of economic policies and other public policies to increase social well-being;
  • economic growth, strengthening of the production system, increase in competitiveness in Brazil, improvement in the distribution of wealth and the eradication of poverty;

How does Fipe work?

To reach its objectives, Fipe is supported by a team of specialized professionals, with solid experience in teaching, projects and researches and counts on proper structure:

  • to collaborate with both national or international institutions in the public and private sectors on elaborating, administrating and evaluating programs for economic and social development;
  • to promote courses, symposiums, seminaries, conferences and studies that stimulate teaching and debate of economic theory and to contribute  to the improvement of professionals, companies, public administration bodies and entities in the civil society;
  • to support the dissemination of economic and correlated knowledge through technical publications, periodicals and other channels of communication.
  • to conduct projects and researches as per request by public and private sectors, respecting academic standards that allow simultaneously to produce data and to capacitate specialized personnel.
  • to offer scholarships to students and professors linked to de Economics Department at FEA-USP, colaborating to the formation of professionals with high technical level.

Board of Trustees


Juarez Alexandre Baldini Rizzieri


André Franco Montoro Filho


Carlos Antonio Rocca


Denisard Cnéio de Oliveira Alves


Fernando Bento Homem de Melo


Francisco Vidal Luna


Hélio Nogueira da Cruz


Heron Carlos Esvael do Carmo


José Paulo Zeetano Chahad


Simão Davi Silber


Vera Lúcia Fava

Board of Directors

Chairman Director:

Carlos Antonio Luque

Research Director:

Maria Helena Garcia Pallares Zockun

Course Director:

José Carlos de Souza Santos

Executive Secretary: 

Domingos Pimentel Bortoletto


Research Coordinator:

Bruno Cara Giovannetti

Course Coordinator:

Rodrigo De Losso da Silveira Bueno