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Cursos Fipe

MBA Economia Aplicada
30 de abril de 2024
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Curso Preparatório para o Exame Nacional da ANPEC (ON-LINE)
24 de fevereiro de 2023
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Análise da Conjuntura e Construção de Cenários Econômicos (ON-LINE)
julho de 2024
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Our faculty is mostly composed of professors who received their doctorate degrees from the Universidade de São Paulo (University of São Paulo, USP). The academic and theoretical character of Fipe's courses, a strong hallmark of Fipe's courses, does not preclude  an equally strong focus on providing education that meets market expectations.

It could not be different since the foundation has always been attuned to the concrete needs of society. Among its innumerous activities, Fipe is responsible for publishing periodicals and conducting applied research related the public and private sectors, for example. In addition, Fipe is in charge of preparing the Consumer Prices Index for the City of São Paulo (IPC - Fipe), the most traditional indicator of the evolution of the cost of living of residents of the city and one of the oldest indexes in Brazil.