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Análise da Conjuntura e Construção de Cenários Econômicos (ON-LINE)
julho de 2024
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Curso Preparatório para o Exame Nacional da ANPEC (ON-LINE)
24 de fevereiro de 2023
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MBA Economia Aplicada
30 de abril de 2024
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Fipe Courses unite academic excellence to a market oriented education.

Postgraduate, MBA, extension and short term courses offered by Fipe present tradition, solidity and academic excellence necessary to complement theoretical education and help promote professional growth amongst its students.

Each year, Fipe offers new postgraduate and extension programs. Such programs coexist with older courses such as USP MBA in Economy and Financial Sector which has more than ten years of existence and has just welcomed its 25th class in 2013. The environment inside the institution stimulates the contact of students with other professionals that might contribute in advancing their careers and promotes networking, which is fundamental for professional success. Tuned to the demands of the dynamic labor market, Fipe also offers closed courses crafted to fit the demands of it's clients, such as private companies or other types of organizations. Moreover, Fipe has experience in promoting academic exchanges and developing programs for students and professors in partnership with renowned international educational institutions.

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