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Cursos Fipe

Orçamento Público – PPA, LDO e LOA
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Curso Preparatório para Exame Nacional da ANPEC
3 de fevereiro de 2020
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Orçamento Municipal: Como incrementar as receitas
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Projects and Researches

Both basic academic research and applied research conducted by Fipe have the purpose of diagnosing, quantifying and evaluating the impact of economic and social policies. Those researches are also conducted as per demands of governmental bodies on all levels of government, national and international institutions, companies and civil society organizations.

The knowledge that spurs from research allows not only the constant update of information about the Brazilian economy and itsrelations with the international economic system, but also positions Fipe as a privileged participant in discussions about national topics and the formulation of public policies. Many researches at Fipe have been asked to join the public service or to provide consulting services for companies or civil society institutions.


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